Vacation Cabin Rental (STR) Property Management in North Georgia

Serving Blue Ridge, Blairsville & Hiawassee, GA and Murphy, NC

We are excited for this new chapter for Vacation Rentals, now known as STRs in our community. It’s a slightly different way to approach Property Management in the North Georgia Mountains for cabin rentals, with unify regulations for higher safety for our guests and property owners.

If you have been a professional property manager the rules are basically the same, with Union County’s new methodology, everyone operating STRs will have higher standards to offer to visitors.

Our monthly Lodging Taxes obligations are the same, the improvement is to file online keeping records for sale taxes per property rather than in bulk.

Property Owners will increase revenue and property value in the long run. Knowing that their largest investment will be in the good hands of a professional, can rest, relax and wait for the monthly statement with a check of the proceedings.

On March 9, 2023, Union County adopted its First Ordinance to regulate STRs (legacy Vacation Rentals). Managing Short-Term Rentals (STRs) is a challenging and complex process that involves the knowledge of the State of Georgia and Union County Laws and Regulations, and Customs and Habits of the North Georgia Mountains Communities, taking into consideration property owners, residents, and visitors, maintaining the relax and tranquil country ambient at the same time we all follow the rules and tax obligations.

Union County is rich on hiking trails like the Appalachian and Brasstown Bald, the state’s highest peak; many fishing rivers and Lake Nottely as major water body and the jewel for water sports.

County Officials, Property Owners, Property Managers and Residents at large worked on the County’s First set of STRs Regulations, including a cap on the number of permits and establishing an Enforcement Board including members of the Fire Department, Building and Development, Environmental Health Department, Property Management Company, an STR Owner, the STR Officer, and 2 community members at large.

There is an innovative online system to comply with the Tax obligations. Also, there is a new Licensing system for STR Owners and Operational Requirements.

This New process of operations for STRs can look intimidating for those unfamiliar with professional Property Management.

Enchanted Mountain Retreats can offer to STRs Owners expert guidance to a seamless transition to enjoy a safe, legal, and profitable use of your property.


Note to Our Guests:

You can have peace of mind when staying at any of our Vacation Cabin Rentals during your short getaway or long vacation with us. We are taking all the necessary steps to be sure all the properties under our management are sanitized prior to your arrival, with special attention to bathrooms, hot tubs and all possible surfaces exposed to traffic.

Our housekeeping team are most important, we are committed to protecting them to keep them safe and healthy. They were instructed to wear gloves and avoid touching their face while cleaning.

Some surfaces need to be sanitized, what will kill or render inactive 99.9% of all known bacteria, viruses and fungi. Some areas need to be disinfected, killing everything on a surface, we are using stronger cleaning products from the list approved by the CDC, EPA, and World Health Organization.

Bathrooms are a central focus as is n space where bodily fluids are most likely to linger, light switches, outlets, lamps, knobs, handles, remote controls, stairs railings, lockboxes, keypads and keys, among other things. Couches and other cloth surfaces are sprayed with Lysol.

If you like to ask any questions about our cleaning process or if there are any additional precautions that would give you confidence, please let us know via phone at (1) 877-307-3367 or send us a line at  

 Stay Safe and Happy,

 The Management,

We Can Help You! You Are Our Priority

We offer dedicated expert Property Management for STRs (Vacation Cabin Rentals) in the North Georgia Mountains Blue Ridge, Blairsville and Hiawassee, Georgia areas and Murphy, North Carolina areas.

Marketing and leasing your North Georgia Mountain investment property as a Vacation Rental can involve a lot of work and worry. 

We are Commited to Your Satisfaction

Enchanted Mountain Retreats is fully committed to the satisfaction of both, the Property Owners we work with as well as the Guests who rent our vacation cabins. Our experienced hospitality team will work year-round to ensure your investment is protected carefully and marketed internationally, giving you maximum return on your investment.

Our Property Management Services for Vacation Cabin Rentals in Blue Ridge, Blairsville and Hiawassee, Georgia and Murphy, Hayesville, North Carolina include:


  •  Personalized Owner’s consultation on rates and amenities for your specific Vacation Cabin to obtain maximum investment return.
  • Interior design and suggestions to increase likability.
  • Objectively and thoroughly Guest’s screening to advance protection and security of your property.
  • Online Reservations 24 hours 7 days a week with guest assistance.
  • Outstanding International Customer Service, addressing Property Owners and Guest needs in case by case situations.
  • Guest’s questions and Emergency assistance 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • Dealing with Guest’s complaints and issues best resolution.
  • Outstanding detail departure Housekeeping Services including Hot Tub sanitation and garbage pickup.
  • Emergency repairs 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • Knowledgeable, professional general property maintenance and residential services, including repairs, yard work, pressure washing, etc. at competitive cost and guarantee project completion oversee.
  • Coordination of maintenance and service repair orders preventing interference with guest’s bookings.
  • Arrival & Departure Property Inspections and supervisions to ensure damages are recorded and properly addressed.
  • Property weekly Security inspections.
  • Adequate property assessment and report to preserve and increase the value of your investment.
  • Extensive property advertising on major listing websites, regional Chamber of Commerce, newspaper, magazines, billboards, newsletters, articles, social media plus wide comprehensive online network.
  • Your Vacation Cabin Rental will have seasonal color photographs and promotional to increase bookings and create a Frequent Guests’ Portfolio.
  • As Property Owner, you will receive Monthly Statements and at the end of the Year a convenient YE Statement along with the 1099M Tax Form including Service Orders for easy deductions.


Return on Property Investment


At Enchanted Mountain Retreats, our ultimate objective is to help you increase the reservations revenue of your cabin in a safe way, protecting you from any liability at the same time, assisting you enhance the value of your property as the most important investment for you and your family.

Our added value is rooted on trust and honesty, a safe space where you can feel respected and honored, because you are our best half in this enterprise.


Owners' Reviews

"Are you thinking of renting your cabin or lake house? I would like to recommend the perfect property manager for you! Her name is AnaLuisa Salvatti. She owns and runs Enchanted Mountain Retreats and has been our property manager since 2014.

We lived overseas for the first eight years she managed our property and she handled everything seamlessly and as if the property were her own. She took care of every little detail from having the house and decks repainted to managing maintenance or repairs of the HVAC system, to having potholes in the driveway repaired.

She handles all the many day-to-day calls, questions, and bookings of the guests. When there is bad weather in the forecast, she checks on everyone before and after whatever event it might be (strong storms, snow, etc.) and if there is a problem with power or anything else, she provides updates and a solution if one is required.

Our property always looks its best too. She takes care of having the leaves blown before check-in and makes sure the grass is cut and bushes trimmed. She manages the cleaning crew who comes in after each rental, has the hot tub drained so it is clean and ready for the next group, and has the lights turned on for guests so they feel welcome when they arrive.

 AnaLuisa is very resourceful, uses common sense and is conscientious about managing our property without spending extra money when it is not necessary. We have benefited from her expertise and highly recommend her to anyone thinking about having a property manager of their own.

Tracy C.

Blairsville, Georgia

"I met AnaLuisa more than 10 years ago.   It was the last day at her job.  I believed in her management abilities and I gave her my cabin to begin her own business.  She built a web site and a following during the next couple of years as her company grew.  

Ana is a conscientious manager.   She treated my property like it was her own.  She knew my cabin better than I did.  She would recommend we investigate things before they became a problem.   An example is she thought it was time to check the septic tank and fortunately we did it before it was an issue. 

She is attentive to all the needs of the property.   She has recommended removing trees that are encroaching on the house.   When the driveway was rutted, we discussed it and ordered gravel to smooth things out.   She wasn’t out to spend my money on cabin repairs unnecessarily.    I thought my cabin needed painting, but AnaLuisa recommended against it after inspecting the house and determining the paint was good.   We decided on pressure cleaning instead saving me the expense of painting.

AnaLuisa is a very dependable and reliable lady.  She notifies one immediately with any issues and tries to help with solutions to the issues.  She’s honest and gives you an accounting statement each month noting renters, maintenances and commissions. 

 For 10 years, AnaLuisa worked as my property manager.   It was an outstanding decision on my part when I gave her my cabin to begin her company.   She’s a good property manager and I have been happy with her all these years.   I recommend you work with her."

Marie B.

Cutler Bay, FL

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