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About Enchanted Mountain Retreats

Enchanted Mountain Retreats is a family-oriented organization with the unmistakable objective to serve you in a friendly environment with kindness, generosity, respect and honesty. In the unselfishness of our property owners, with graciousness, they are eager to open the doors of their home and largest investment to our guest’s enjoyment, hoping that you will take pleasure in filling your hearts with joy and create happy unique experiences with your friends and family during your stay.

We are proud of the incredible working professional team  that with time became a group of friends; through the years, this team has created the foundation of our organization and season after season we are building strong this truly hospitality endeavor, benefiting hundreds of families, couples, retirees and solos, looking for an enhanced long vacation or weekend getaway in the North Georgia Mountains and its amazing natural environment.

The dedication and professionalism of each team member has proven remarkable fulfilling; working together is a joyful experience, sharing the passion for the vacation rentals industry, always looking for better ways to satisfy our clientele and day after day looking for innovative options to improve our guests vacation experience.


The Dream Team








As the CEO, AnaLuisa, over the years has created a diverse work team embracing their empathy and humanity, where each of the team members is relevant, with freedom to expressed every step of the way love for the service, compassion, creativity and joy.

AnaLuisa promotes an environment with vision, talent and ingenuity with the fundamental comitment to create a relaxing experience for guests connecting with nature and loved ones while enjoying their vacation.

Detail oriented and problem solver trying to draw an smile in each guest and potential customers as well as property owners. Ethic principals and moral values are the base and way to do everyday business. Acceptance of challenges, tenacity with intense spiritual principals to serve others are her constant way of living. For AnaLuisa there is not an impossible task to achieve, there is no time for procastination, is always in comand to fulfill the highest expectations, she knows how to be a guide with the magic of a human and a friendly hand.

Luis Manuel Reyes Salvatti - CFO

Luis Manuel has been our CFO since 2009. With his wide experience in the Financial Accounting and Treasury functions, management and risk planning activities, problem solving, and leadership skills has guided the ups and downs through the usual constant changes of the industry. Luis Manuel’s cool, pragmatic vision of the business world, keep us safe and stable at all times; with his cheerful sense of humor, keep us free of worries enjoying each task. Luis Manuel is well verse in traveling around the world, active sports-man with avid enthusiasm for outdoor adventures.





Karla Pallares - Social Media Marketing

Karla is our energetic, vibrant, multitasking Media guru. Karla’s fast paced mixt with her love to effectible engage in communicating with people, along with her vast multicultural experience makes her a great asset in managing our Newsletter, Main Websites content and image impressions, Facebook pages, Pinterest and YouTube channels and much more alike. Karla’s resourcefulness and fun character keep us in the playground of creativity and imagination always with positive innovative results.





Ken Winters - Creative Head

Ken is a gifted cartoonist artist and craftsman, we all can enjoy in the personalized cabin signs as a unique touch for each one of our properties; has generous and altruistic spirit, devoted wine aficionado; with his sense of fun brings joy every day. Ken’s discipline and planning mind maintains the To Do List under schedule for maintenance, service orders and emergencies, combine with his outstanding ability to organize brings great benefits to all. Ken’s friendship and dedication is an invaluable team member always ready and up to the task at hand. Did I mention he is a wine aficionado and wine maker?





Manmohan A Hebbar - Marketing

Manmohan is the best SEO and tech master on web marketing; enlightening, kind soul, good friend, honest and reliable, that with his knowledgeable team of Nagendra and Sasikiran steer the wheel in the hospitality industry, keeping us visible in this competitive market and safe away from hackers and malware. Based at EastWind Enterprise, Manmohan and his team have become fundamental pillar in our organization. Manmohan, Nagendra and Sasikiran have proven superb patience and loving care when answering all our inquiries guiding us in the right direction.

Sasikiran - SEM

Sasikiran and Nagendra best team players, keep us visible and competitive in this competitive Vacation Rentals Industry in the North Georgia Mountains.

Nagendra - SEO





Lori, Sherry and Stephanie are the star key players of our biz relations with guests and property owners. These girls’ team of honest, reliable and professional housekeepers are in charge of the cleaning details that make every reservation a remarkable experience. Working everyday at their very best, proudly providing outstanding cleaning accommodations nonstop 365 days a year. We pride ourselves and always appreciate their dedication as our Angels.

Lori - Customert Relation

Enchanted Mountain Retreats


Mountain Paws Cabin Rentals´ Angels









Our Mission at Enchanted Mountain Retreats is

To help you unwind from your busy life reconnecting with nature and with your loved ones in our luxury, charming and delightful dog-friendly accommodations with tailored services that meet your needs and go beyond your expectations.

"Indulge Yourself in the Mountains"

At Enchanted Mountain Retreats, our focus is to provide each time all the time tailored outstanding customer care, building long lasting client relations and creating for you and your family a smooth and enjoyable experience from the booking process, to your vacation sharing quality time with your loved ones during your vacation, until your safe departure.

We understand that situations are different per each case and we drive to assist each circumstance in case by case basis, looking for the complete satisfaction of our guests.

We listen to your needs and requests, assessing issues immediately and solving situations beyond expectations.

We offer the finest vacation and cabin rentals in North Georgia Mountains to give you a truly enchanted retreat from the cares and stress of daily life. With our beautiful, immaculate mountain vacation rentals and a reliable professional team, you can trust us to provide you with a relaxing and carefree escape.

Whether you’re planning a fun family vacation, a romantic weekend getaway, a relaxing hideaway or an intimate mountain wedding, our selection of rental cabins will exceed your hopes.

We believe that your family dog is as important as any other member of the clan and we welcome him/her with you during your stay. Our charming and delightful Blue Ridge, Blairsville, Young Harris, and Hiawassee, Georgia and Murphy, North Carolina Vacation Cabin Rentals are dog-friendly, so you can bring your four-legged friend along to make your vacation complete. Regretfully, we do not accept cats to protect other guests and property owners from allergies and health needs.

You will be able to learn about our services and book your reservation Online 24/7. Also, you will be able to contact us in case you have a question or special request through Contact Us direct page. Remember, we are concentrated on making your stay truly stress-free and memorable.






Our Dog-Friendly Inspirational Team

Meet our furry and four-legged team! They are our inspiration and source of love to create a dog-friendly world where your best friend also lives an upscale experience in the mountains.




Dog Love Stories at Enchanted Mountain Retreats


Beyond vacationing, many stories are written during the stay of our guests in all our cabins. Here’s the story of Chris and her dog Diggy. An episode of loyalty, love, and companionship.

Chris and Diggy

“My dog Diggy is 13 &1/2 years of age, old for a shepherd mutt. Recently, after a visit to the veterinarian and several tests later, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The veterinarian gave him anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months to live if we were lucky.

When I realized our time was limited, I had to bring Diggy again to the North Georgia Mountains, to hiking trails in the woods and to smell the fresh air. I went there, to live in the moment as he does, and to make some more memories.

I feel so lucky to have come across Enchanted Mountain Retreats, and their dog-friendly rentals! It can be so hard to find a place that is pet-friendly and the home we stayed in was perfect! The home had everything we needed,  as well as all our adventures being close by."


Chris and Luna


Some years later...

Chris came back to the North Georgia Mountains to live new adventures with her new furry friend: Luna. Keep reading because Chris shares with the Enchanted Mountain Retreats Comunity her experience during her last stay on March 2019. 

"...Even though the weather was cold and rainy - we made the best of it! Vogel, Mountain Store, Tesnatee Gap, Big Shoals Falls, Nottely Reservoir Trail, etc.  Thanks for all of your help too!  Christine And Luna."



At Enchanted Mountain Retreats our guests are family and we are fortunate to share intimate moments with them. On this occasion, we join in the grief of Velasco’s Family for the loss of their beloved dog Harley Dee.

With this Memorial we celebrate the lives of love, loyalty and joy of our unconditional furry friends.

We shared today who Harley Dee was.

Harley Dee's Memorial


“My sweet Angel Harley Dee was always by my side. She was the best snuggler and always kept me warm. She was super sassy, stubborn, and wanted things her way.


She came into my life 10 years and 4 months ago. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her.


She was my Netflix binge watcher and always laid on me. She loved to give kisses and spend time cuddled with her family.


She loved to steal food from the table and would try to sneak onto the Kitchen table.


She takes with her a piece of my heart and definitely taught me how to love another fur baby after the passing of my first dog ever.


Harley Dee's Memorial

Harley will live in my heart always and my family’s hearts. We all loved her deeply and miss her so much!


She will never be replaced and our Xena misses her too.


We love you forever Harley.”

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