North Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals by Numbers

Customer Voice - What we discovered after listening to hundreds of guests who stayed at our properties?

Enchanted Mountain Retreats have carefully listened to the feedback and experiences of numerous guests who have stayed at our cabin properties in the North Georgia mountains. We meticulously documented their comments, preferences, likes, dislikes, booking habits, favorite activities, as well as their personas and demographics, among many other aspects.

Subsequently, we analyzed this wealth of data to uncover meaningful patterns and insights. The discoveries we made from this valuable information prompted us to dedicate a special page to share our research findings.

Please stay tuned as we present you with fascinating statistics, insights, emerging trends, and guest preferences derived from this comprehensive research study. We sincerely hope you will find these findings both informative and valuable. If you have any specific questions or require information on any aspect not covered in this study, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would be delighted to update the page with the relevant data you seek!

Seaosnal Trends Pie Chart

Popular Seasons for Cabin Rentals


  • Summer: Approximately 40% of guests mention summer as the most booked season. The warm weather and outdoor activities, including hiking and water sports, make it a favorite time to visit.


  • Fall: Fall follows closely, with about 30% of guests highlighting it as a top season. The appeal of colorful foliage and pleasant temperatures for outdoor exploration draws visitors.


  • Winter: Winter accounts for around 15% of guests, as some guests seek cozy cabin getaways, snow-related activities, and holiday celebrations.


  • Spring: Spring makes up the remaining 15% of guests. It attracts those who prefer milder weather and blooming landscapes for their North Georgia stay.
Amenity Preference Bar Graph

Amenity Preference


  • Pet-Friendly Cabins were preferred by 70% of the guests and is the top amenity guests look for!


  • Hot Tubs was mentioned as the second most sought after amenity, scoring an approval by 40% of the guests.


  • Fireplaces received a top amenity vote by 35% of the guests.


  • 25% of the guests mentioned Game Rooms as the main amenity they look for when booking a cabin.


  • About 20% of the guests thought a Fully Equipped Kitchen as the top most amenity for them.


Note: Some guests mentioned more than one amenity as the most important amenity they look for. Subsequently, the total of the percentages exceeds 100%.



Activities & Attractions Bar Graph

Activities & Attractions


  • Hiking Trails: 50% of the guests chersihed exploring mountain trails for a nature-filled adventure.


  • Water Sports: 40% guests enjoy boating and paddleboarding in the pristine lakes.


  • Fishing Spots: 30% guests thought casting a line in serene locations was their idea of a fun-filled vacation.


  • Local Events: 25% wanted to immerse themselves in music, crafts, and local culture at vibrant events.


  • Scenic Drives: Cruising mountain roads and relishing awe-inspiring viewpoints was enjoyed the most by 15% of the guests.


Note: Some guests mentioned more than one activity or attraction. Subsequently, the total of the percentages exceeds 100%.



Guest Demographics Pie Chart

Guest Demographics


  • Families (45%): Families make up a significant portion of our guests, seeking spacious cabins with amenities suitable for all ages.



  • Solo Travelers (20%): Solo travelers enjoy the tranquility and solitude our cabins offer, allowing them to escape from the hustle and bustle and find serenity in the heart of nature.


Length of stay pie chart

Length of Stay


  • Long Weekend (3-4 nights): The majority of guests, constituting 40%, prefer a short getaway for 3-4 nights, allowing them to unwind over an extended weekend.


  • Full Week: About 30% of guests opt for a week-long stay, providing ample time to explore the area's attractions and enjoy cabin living.


  • Extended Stay (2 weeks or more): A significant 15% of visitors choose to spend an extended vacation of 2 weeks or more in the North Georgia Mountain area, offering a more immersive experience.


  • Short Getaways (1-2 nights): An additional 15% opt for short getaways of 1-2 nights, perfect for a quick escape or a brief exploration of the surroundings.


Booking Lead Time Pie Chart

Booking Lead Time


  • 1-3 months in advance (45%): Many guests prefer planning ahead, booking their cabins approximately 1 to 3 months prior to their stay. This category reflects a substantial portion of reservations, indicating a preference for mid-term planning.


  • 3-6 months in advance (30%): A significant number of guests opt for early planning, securing their cabins 3 to 6 months before their visit. This group demonstrates a strong inclination for reserving well in advance.


  • Within 1 month (20%): Some guests choose last-minute getaways, making their bookings within 1 month of their stay. This category represents a portion of spontaneous travelers.


  • 6 months or more ahead (5%): A smaller percentage of guests plan their cabin stays far in advance, booking 6 months or more prior to their visit. This category reflects a group of guests who prefer extensive planning.


Guest Origin Pie Chart

Guest Origin

1. Within the state of Georgia (50%): The majority of our guests hail from various cities and towns within Georgia. This local presence indicates that many Georgians are exploring their own state's natural beauty.


2. Neighboring states (FL, SC, TN) (30%): A significant portion of our guests come from neighboring states, including Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee. These guests likely choose North Georgia for its proximity and scenic attractions.


3. More distant states (20%): A notable percentage of visitors travel from more distant states. These guests may have heard about North Georgia's charm from friends or through online recommendations, drawing them from further away to experience the beauty and tranquility the region offers.


Reason for Stay Pie Chart

Reason for Stay


  • Seeking Relaxation and Nature (40%): A significant portion of guests opts for cabin getaways to unwind and connect with nature. The peaceful ambiance and scenic surroundings offer the ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


  • Celebrating Special Occasions (35%): Many guests choose cabin rentals to celebrate special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays. The picturesque settings provide a perfect backdrop for making memorable moments.


  • Enjoying Outdoor Activities (20%): Some visitors are drawn to the area's outdoor activities, including hiking, boating, and fishing. The cabins serve as a comfortable base for adventure and exploration.


  • Attending Local Events & Festivals (5%): A smaller group mentions staying in cabins while attending local events and festivals. This allows them to be close to the action while still enjoying the comfort of a cabin retreat.
Transportation Method Pie Chart

Transportation Preferences


  • Car/SUV (50%): A significant portion of guests prefer to reach the cabins by their personal vehicles, emphasizing the accessibility of the cabin locations by road.


  • Rental Car (30%): Many guests choose to rent cars, indicating that they might be traveling from a distance and opt for rental vehicles for convenience.


  • RV or Camper (15%): A smaller percentage of guests enjoy a unique experience by arriving at the cabins in recreational vehicles or campers, possibly looking for a more adventurous stay.


  • Other (5%): A small portion of guests travel by other means.
Pet Parents Pie Chart

Pet Parents


Pet-Friendly Preferences (70%): A significant percentage of guests arrived with pets. These are guests who specifically seek out pet-friendly cabins to accommodate their furry companions during their stay.


They appreciate the availability of cabins that welcome pets, making their vacations more enjoyable and convenient.


In summary, these insightful feedback from Enchanted Mountain Retreats, provide valuable information for both travelers and cabin rental providers. The data highlights the seasonal trends, amenity preferences, activities, guest demographics, and much more, offering a comprehensive guide for those planning their next mountain getaway.

The positive sentiments, repeat guests, and memorable stories showcase the exceptional experiences these cabins offer. Whether it's a peaceful retreat for couples, a family adventure, or celebrating special occasions, North Georgia's cabin rentals have something for everyone. With this wealth of information, both travelers and cabin providers can make the most of the stunning North Georgia Mountains and create lasting memories.

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