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 The 10 Key Points to Look for in a Property Management Company:


To obtain the maximum possible return of your investment, you must first find the right Management Company. These are the 10 key points that you should always expect:


1. Understanding of State - County rules and regulations (taxes, legal, sanitation, etc.)

2. Ample knowledge with the insurance coverage needed to shield your investment from risk and liability. As well as damage waivers, security deposits and travel insurance purchase by the guests.

3. Proactive guests scanning to safeguard your property from high risk renters.

4. Punctual and detailed monthly statements to keep you in control of your revenue.

5. Prompt relay of information and effective resolution of maintenance issues.

6. Full residential services to keep your property in prime conditions.

7. Full disclosure of fees and expectations to avoid misuse of your property.

8. Frequent property monitoring for security reasons.

9. Aggressive marketing plan.

10. Peace of mind through the establishment of a business relationship with a reliable, honest and friendly Property Management company.


By following this checklist you will obtain a fruitful and rewarding experience with your Property Management Company.


Are You Protecting Your Vacation Investment?


When you plan for a vacation traveling you are investing time and energy on arrangements, securing the appropriate vacation rental property and the activities where you and your family are going to create unforgettable memories. Likewise, you are investing a good amount of money to enjoy your weekend getaway or a week long, you have to ensure a worry free, delightful time to unwind your mind and recharge your energy.

Purchasing travel insurance will give you the protection against unique risks and provides the help you need 24/7 if something goes wrong with your vacation, such as a trip cancellation or interruption. Most vacation rental and property management companies, offer safeguards for your investment, all for a small fee. This protection covers unexpected expenses or they will refund you the total amount you invested in your vacation.

Even though travelers don’t want to think about it, the reality is that travel involves some unforeseen risks. Adverse weather, when Mother Nature gets in the way and you have to cancel, interrupt or postpone your vacation; Illness, medical assistance and transportation; Pre-Existing Conditions, to cover yourself from trip cancelations; Identity Theft, resolution services, to avoid nightmares during your vacation; Loss of Luggage or Luggage Delay, protecting you and your party; Roadside Assistance among other services.

Complete your travel plans by protecting yourself and your family through travel insurance and get the peace of mind you need to enjoy your adventure.


Who Can You Trust?
The vacation rental is a growing industry all around the country, and while most of the companies are legitimate, there are unfortunately individuals who choose the fraudulent road by listing in the market vacation homes that are not for rent or worst, properties that don’t even exist.

This scam is working because these individuals are posting vacation properties as property owners. Placing pictures of the property and a phone number, they make bookings and collect money for rentals. If the renter fails to dig deeply, they stand to lose their money and their family vacation. The scammer wins.

A vacationer is safer renting a property from a vacation rental management company recognized by the local Chamber of Commerce rather than searching through websites of paid listings for vacation properties by owner.
Because nowadays the internet is the strongest source of marketing, most of the vacation rental property management companies have their own websites you can visit. When making a reservation, be sure to sign a rental agreement with the company. Ask for information about travel insurance and make payments throughout a credit card. The illegitimate companies or individuals will prefer payments in cash and/or checks for fear of charge backs on the card.
You may have the impression that renting a property from an owner will be less expensive; the reality is that your vacation investment can be at risk. Vacation rental companies are now offering great deals, and always work with you to make your vacation or getaway unforgettable. If you are in need of assistance the property managers are professionals ready to help to your complete satisfaction. Do not take the risk; take simple steps to protect your vacation and your investment while avoiding becoming a victim.




Vacation Rental Property Amenities


When travelers are looking for a vacation rental or just a pleasant getaway, they are thinking about a peaceful and quiet cabin or a single residence with all the indoor amenities that make the family feel at home. All properties should be spotless with plenty of space for the kids and sometimes even for their barking friend.


Indoor amenities make a difference in a rental place, hot tub, satellite or cable TV, phone line, at least 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, king size comfortable beds and bedding are a plus, pool table, foosball table, table games, internet connection, etc. Remember that each member of the family wants to enjoy their privacy so TV sets in each room are an important element, and of course a fireplace just to unwind your mind. Also, a fully equipped kitchen and laundry room to accommodate the needs of the family is a must. Include porches and patio furniture to relax and enjoy the ever-changing face of nature and a fire pit for roasting marshmallows under the moon light.


We know location is essential, good access to the property, great mountain views or water front, in a somewhat private if not secluded setting will increase its appeal. Outdoors activities are the perfect complement to any vacationer. Waterfalls, fishing, walking trails, whitewater rafting or tub rides, horseback riding, theme parks, boat ramps and boat rentals in the area will help your guests have a fantastic experience. Groceries stores, arts and crafts shopping, banks and ATMs, post office, restaurants, relevant community activities and area festivals are always highlights to keep in mind to be share with your guests. Keep all the information in the cabin and at hand for any questions.


For the business travelers include a work desk, wireless internet connection, audio and visual connections, on site food and beverage, cabin catering and a gym that will treat your guests in style. You can even add a variety of concierge services.


Love your cabin and treat your guests with the highest service hospitality.



You Can Own Your Dream Vacation Home!


You can own your dream vacation home, cabin, or condo, this is the real estate smartest investment in today’s market, second homes are no longer just for the rich, and while your second residence is sitting empty you can earn some income to pay the monthly bills including the mortgage, after all you are not wealthy. Use a professional vacation rentals property management company to take care of all the details while you are 300 miles away: cleaning, maintenance, emergency calls, government rules and regulations, screening guests, collecting rent and taxes, etc., etc. At the same time you’re renting your piece of heaven and having some revenue.


Your dream can become reality; you and your family can enjoy your vacation home worry free and indulge yourself in a relaxing atmosphere any time you want, after all you are the owner of the property. When hire a property management company you will count with many benefits such as monthly detail statements, property security, regular trash collection, general property maintenance, housekeeping, wide marketing network, travel insurance and damage waiver.


Most of the vacation properties show that if you rent 84-105 days in a rental year, you will have enough revenue to pay your mortgage for the entire year. Expenses for utilities are paid by your earnings from approximately 15-20 days rentals. Remember, the more amenities and better settings the greater proceeds you are going to receive.


Vacation Rentals Property Management companies are experience in the extended customer service and strong relationships with the guests. The business relations transcend to a personal relations so when a family rent a vacation home they feel like they are staying in a friend’s home and they take better care of the property. Normally, the same families return for their vacation or getaway to the same properties year after year.



Why to Rent a Vacation Home?


Northeast Georgia is quickly becoming a hot spot for great vacations. There are many outdoor attractions and festivals held year round, appealing to travelers nationwide.


Renting a vacation home is rapidly becoming the favorite method for more and more families traveling on vacation or taking a short mini break.


Vacation rental homes have become a suiting option for travelers who are looking for a greater value of vacation services for their money. The vacation rental market is growing for families looking for an alternative to hotels and other lodging options. Log cabins, single residential homes and condominiums provide the travelers with plenty living space, security and independence; also, guests enjoy plenty indoor amenities and great alternatives for outdoor activities.


Giving the economy, property managers’ ample support and marketing services offer a clear opportunity for more property owners to become active through a property management company, renting the properties more often, yielding an increased rental income.


Vacation homes overseen by property managers often provide strong customer support, clear check-in/check-out processes, and other concierge services that consumers value to make an unforgettable vacation or getaway.


For property owners a property manager specialized to obtain the maximum possible return for your investment giving you peace of mind. Property managers understand State and County rules and regulations, risks and liabilities that are often involved in a rental property protecting you and your investment. It is usually in your best interest to hire a professional property management company to shelter you, dissipate your concerns and avoid the personal stress associated with renting a property giving you the time to indulge yourself.


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